Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So…I just want to say first of all thank you to everyone who has been supporting us through this process all of this time…and to let you know not to worry it’s almost over.  That being said let’s talk about me again.  As a few of you may know I am a little impulsive and pretty easily influenced when it comes to activities.  Go ahead and ask Carrie who has convinced me that my NEXT endeavor, post Spartan Death Race, is going to be the GORE-TEX Trans-Rockies 120 miler…yea go ahead and re-read that sentence…that’s what I wrote.  Don’t bother asking me why because you all know what the answer is going to be “Because someone asked me to”.  The FUNNY thing is that tactic ONLY works with physical stuff.  If you ask me to go to the post office and mail something or get my oil changed it will NEVER happen…I am not very consistent that’s for SURE…well not in aspect to aspect of my personality.  Each aspect is pretty consistent within its self.
 OH total side note (this is going to be fun and I am bringing it up because I just called and left a message at my parents house and this STILL upsets me).  For no ish 30 years (as long as I can remember) the voice mail message on my parents phone has been my mother’s voice saying “thank you for leaving a message at  410 272 1199” ALL of a sudden its now some automated chick bossing me around telling me what to do…30 YEARS AND NOW THEY CHANGE IT! Actually they changed it about 8 months or so ago but it still makes me mad face when I hear it. I DIGRESS!!!!
ANYWAYS…I bought a mountain bike this weekend on not a TOTAL whim but an at least semi-whim…like a whim that blew its load early in the day and couldn’t get it up for the afternoon romp.  There is a race June 11th that involves bikes that AGAIN someone mentioned to me at the Maniac Mudder and sold me in about 45 seconds.  So I purchased a Trek Gary Fisher HiFi Plus 29-er…nope don’t know what any of those words mean all I know is its pretty!  So I realized many many things in the course of now owning this machine.  #1 I am not in the kind of shape I thought I was.  Riding a bike for sport is nothing NOTHING like riding your bike growing up.  It turns out riding your bike for sport is really REALLY hard.  #2 you need those padded shorts.  My lady parts are NOT happy with me.  They are NOT happy at all.  #3 the phrase “it's like riding a bike” applies ONLY to things that you have absolutely no idea how to do despite the fact at one point in your life you were able to do something that resembled them.  For example let’s say when you were 12 you liked to blow soap bubbles.  The phrase “Oh it’s like riding a bike” could be applied if 18 years later someone asked you to chemically engineer dish soap that could be used without water in zero gravity  conditions for NASA so that astronauts can have clean dishes and you stupidly have spent the last 18 years mastering the art of basket weaving instead of getting your doctorate in chemical engineering…in that case the  phrase is applicable because in a very long winded manner I am here to tell you kid bike riding is NOTHING like adult mountain bike riding.  The final thing that I learned this weekend is that I have a new love and it is in fact mountain bike riding. 
I spent all weekend on and off of (against my will and by the hands of gravity and poor balance) my new toy.  I took him to DC for Memorial Day and rode around the mall re-visiting the monuments and watching the DC Memorial Day parade.  Pat Sajak was there…it was a big deal.  Then I headed over to Arlington National Cemetery to pay my respects to section 60 and have myself a good emotional moment.  If you’ve never been…I pity you.  I don’t care where you live or what your views are…pay your respects.

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  1. I heart this post the most so far. :) I really miss the monumenty part of DC.