Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another talent to add to my resume

I am pretty sure that if I treat this race like a day in the life of a nanny, I am going to be just fine.....Anyone ever take 3 kids under the age of 4 to Disneyland? Have to carry them everywhere? Squirming impatiently in line for rides while you struggle to keep them in your grips? Tired, cranky, thirsty, hungry, WHINY....psssh. Carrying a sandbag up and down hills is nothing. At least it won't talk back.

I discovered a new talent of mine today while walking with my little glamazon. I managed to hold her while wearing my 50# pack hovering to pee in a beachside restroom. AND I managed to get my lululemon tights on and off. Yep. That is a talent if I do say so.

I got a good walk in today, searched out all the hills (I swear it felt like I walked uphill the entire time) and guess I covered about 5 miles. I purposely did not bring myself water, even though it was rather hot and humid. Figured at some point during the race I will have to suffer for a while without water, so why not practice a bit? Well, I will admit that I drank my little glamazons water out of her sippy cup. Yep, nanny of the year nominee over here. She was just dumping it all over herself anyway. Hehe


  1. Firstly I want to say brava for posting TWICE in a row...amazaballs youre bravo alpha. SECONDLY you are talented beyond measure THATS for def!!! no urine on the lulu thats a feat! lets hope we are that balanced in VT.

  2. FYI......I totally plan on peeing my pants during the race to save time, energy and the effort it takes to do so. Call it taking one for the team ;-) HAHAHAHA

  3. Easy solution for peeing in your pants? Depends!